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A business using the ReplyBuy Messenger platform may also be using Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software for recording and organizing the company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Fortunately, ReplyBuy Messenger has integrations with the most popular CRM solutions on the market, which allow Messenger to sync seamlessly into your CRM and automate the process of data transfer, segmentation and logging.

Integration Features

These integrations unlock Messenger’s ability work seamlessly with CRM software.

On-demand CRM Actions

With the CRM integration activated, the agent/operator using the ReplyBuy Messenger platform can perform a number of CRM activities from inside the Messenger Operator Interface. These activities include Recording Notes, Tasks and New Opportunities, according to a text conversation or contact engagement.


One of the obvious benefits of the integration is the ability to import contact information and attribution data. With just a few clicks, your CRM contacts will be automatically synced and available for text messaging on Messenger.  To ensure text message deliverability, contacts may be put through a verification process to verify mobile phones numbers. Specific contact attributes that you select for auto-sync will be available for filtering and segmenting in the Messenger Contact List, similar to how it’s done in the CRM already. Lastly, CRM contacts will be segmented and assigned automatically to their respective agents or operators on your Messenger account, according to their user-contact relationship in the CRM.

Conversation Logging

Another amazing benefit of the CRM integration is the ability to log Messenger Interactions back to the CRM. All conversations and messages (incoming and outgoing) can be recorded automatically to your contact’s CRM profile and to your CRM timeline, making it very easy to view text message history and manage your contact relationships in the most effective way.


Available Integrations

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