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HubSpot Authentication

In order to interact with your HubSpot account, you will first be required to authenticate your connection to ReplyBuy Messenger. This can easily be done on Messenger through the “CRM Integrations” page, which is accessible from your Settings tab.

Once you are on the CRM Integrations page, you can click on the “Activate” button on the HubSpot card. Clicking this button will redirect to you the HubSpot login page, where you will supply your valid credentials. If you already logged in to your HubSpot account on a different tab, you may not be required to login again.

HubSpot Integration Usage

Now that you have successfully authenticated your HubSpot account, you can use ReplyBuy Messenger to Log Calls, Add Deals, Add Notes, and Add Tasks to your HubSpot contacts. Provided below is a visual walkthrough of what these different features look like in Messenger, as well as the resulting entities created in HubSpot.

HubSpot Auto-Sync

If you are the business administrator of your ReplyBuy Messenger account, you will be able to import contacts from HubSpot into your Messenger contacts list. Additionally, if you are using ReplyBuy Messenger for Sales, your contacts will be assigned to ReplyBuy Messenger agents based off their corresponding owner(s) in HubSpot.

HubSpot Conversation Logging

By enabling Conversation Logging for HubSpot, conversation messages (both incoming and outgoing) will be logged automatically to the CRM contact history and CRM timeline. Conversation Logging can be enabled by accessing the HubSpot integration Preferences at Settings > CRM Integrations:

In the Preferences window, set Enable Conversation Logging to Yes and be sure to click the Save button after:

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