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We now offer a ReplyBuy Messenger integration with Rebrandly. You can use your existing Rebrandly account to shorten links that you send from within ReplyBuy, and view key engagement stats from within your campaign reports. Simply type a link in your message and let us handle the rest! This integration works with any level of Rebrandly account (free through enterprise) and requires a paid Messenger subscription.

Rebrandly Authentication

There are two different ways to authenticate your Rebrandly with ReplyBuy Messenger. These instructions will walk you through both of those processes.

Workspaces/Custom Domains

If you have multiple Rebrandly workspaces or have your own custom domains setup within Rebrandly, you can use these when shortening links in Messenger.

Shortening Links within ReplyBuy Messenger

At this time, you are able to shorten links from the Campaigns page and the Send Messages page. You can shorten links both in your message, as well as in your auto-reply responses (in the case of Campaigns).

Link Analytics

When you shorten links with Rebrandly, you are able to view the amount of times that link was clicked, how many unique visitors clicked the link, and the last time that it was viewed.

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